Loyalty Program

To be able to benefit from and receive loyalty points, the customer must create a customer account and connect to this account before placing an order.

Attention !!! For the loyalty points to be taken into account, the CUSTOMER must be connected to his account when “placing / validating” the order. If the CUSTOMER places his order as a guest, he will not be able to benefit from loyalty points. Loyalty points will therefore not be counted.

Indeed for each euro spent on our store (without the shipment costs), the customer receives 1 loyalty point. When a customer account is created, the customer receives 10 loyalty points. For the 1st order placed on our shop, the customer receives 10 extra loyalty points.

From his account (or directly on the checkout page), the CUSTOMER can exchange the loyalty points for store credits to be used on our shop. Every 20 points are worth €1. The minimum number of points to exchange is 20 points.

For any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email: commandes@lidiacrochettricot.com